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Korea DMZ Tour / JSA Tours I Love Seoul Tour

  • Morning DMZ Tour
  • Morning DMZ Tour
  • Morning DMZ Tour
  • Morning DMZ Tour
  • Morning DMZ Tour
  • Morning DMZ Tour
  • Morning DMZ Tour
  • Morning DMZ Tour
  • Morning DMZ Tour
  • Morning DMZ Tour
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Morning DMZ Tour

Morning DMZ Tour

adult USD 60 children USD 55 how to write infants USD Free how to write

1 Day   06:00 ~ 14:00

Charter Bus

Minimum Person : Over 1 People

Choose the Price

Adult Price

Children Price

Infants Price

Morning DMZ Tour

USD 60

USD 55

USD Free


* Please make reservation at least 2 days prior to the trip.

* If your make a reservation for tomorrow and it has been completed after office hours, we can't arrange a hotel pick-up service for you. 
Please kindly come to the meeting point in that case.(Office hours: Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00)

DMZ Tour is open to all tourists.(Regardless of age, nationality for DMZ tour)
Tourists must bring Passport on day of tour. 

Tour Information

Morning DMZ Tour



      Hotel pick up or 06:45 AM Koreana hotel → Imjingak Park → Freedom Bridge →  
       DMZ Theater/Exhibition Hall → 3rd Infiltration Tunnel → Dorasan Observatory → Unification Village
       → Imjingak Park (pass by) →14:00~15:00 PM Drop off at City Hall Subway Station or  Myeongdong
Arrival time to Seoul can be delay depending on the number of tourists and traffic on the day.

* Due to militory reasons, 
the Dora train station has been closed.

Meeting point

06:45 AM at the lobby of the Koreana Hotel's Office building.
(between the convenience store(CU) and the cafe(Paul Bassett)
(*address of Koreana Hotel : Seoul, Jung-gu, Sejong-daero, 135)


Travel Tips

- DMZ Tour Tourist must bring passport on day of tour
- DMZ Tour is open to all tourists
- No restrict country, No age limit for DMZ Tour

- The DMZ is closed on Mondays and Korean national holidays
Since the DMZ and JSA are operated by the military, the trip may be canceled without prior notice.


Imjingak (Nuri Peace Park)
Established in 1972 immediately after the declaration of the joint South-North armistice, Imjingak exhibits various relics and monuments related to the Korean War and subsequent South-North confrontations. Nuri Peace Park is a large park that can accommodate up to 20,000 tourists at a time. The park has a variety of sculpted artworks and visitors can enjoy performances on the hill.
DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)
This is perhaps one of the most unusual tourist destinations in the world. The DMZ was created by the Korean Armistice Agreements, which was signed on 27th July, 1953. The Armistice created a 155-mile long military demarcation line (MLD) with 2-kilometer wide demilitarized zone on each side of it (for a total width of 4 kilometers). It has been a half century since Korea was divided and exchange between the North and the South were stopped at the DMZ.
Dorasan Station
Dorasan Station is one of the northernmost railway stations on the Gyeongui Line, connecting Seoul to Sinuiju. The station is located in the zone that strictly restricts general civilian access. From the station, visitors can view Dorasan Mountain and the barbed wire fences of the Southern Limit Line.

* Due to militory reasons, the Dora train station has been closed.
Odusan Unification Observatory(Unification Hill)
A place for education on security matters, Unification Hill is situated where the Hangang River joins the Imjingang River. You can also observe the daily lives of North Koreans.

The 3rd Tunnel 

Discovered in 1978, the tunnel was dug by the Northern army to spy on the Republic of Korea. The tunnel is 1.64 kilometers long, 2 meters high and 2 meters wide. It is a prime example of the South-North confrontation.




■ The above mentioned itinerary is just a schedule and may be changed. For your detailed itinerary, please ask the person in charge before departure.
Since the DMZ and JSA are operated by the military, the trip may be canceled without prior notice.
■ The above mentioned itinerary may be changed subject to Articles 8 and 12 of Travel Standard Agreement
■ Infants under 24 month old are free of charge, but no seats are provided.
1. When being agreed by both parties upon the request of the tourist or due to the local situations for the purpose of his/her safety and protection. 
2. When being unable to achieve the purpose of travel due to natural disaster, war, government order, transportation, and/or the strike and business suspension of accommodations. 
3. When being unable to proceed with the scheduled itinerary due to the delayed departure and arrival or heavy traffic of the transportation means, like the airplanes, trains and/or ships, without the company’s intention or negligence.

All schedules are subject to change due to road conditions(roadworks, traffics etc.), weather conditions (storms, hurricanes, dense fog, heavy snow, etc.) and the government order, strike, and any other unforeseen reasons for the military reason such as military training, visiting higher level of military personnel etc.

In this case, we reserve the right to cancel and/or alter any/all part of the itinerary which may result from circumstances beyond our control. We will do our utmost to improve that situation. However, we can NOT grant refunds.

 * Alternative itinerary 

Imjingak park > Art Space BEAT 131 > Odusan Unification Observatory > The war memorial of Korea > Dismissal at City Hall or Myeongdong.



English speaking tour guide, Transportation, Admission fee, Hotel pick-up Service

Lunch, Hotel drop-off Service, Beverage, Personal expenses.

Refund Regulation

3 days prior to tour day → 100% of total cost.

Other Information

Tour Conditions

• All tours will be conducted in English, Japanese and Chinese. 
• All tours include tour guide, transportation and admission fee. 
• Prices will be listed in KRW, but USD and YEN will also be accepted. 
• Payment method: cash / credit card / paypal / bank transfer.
• Please confrim one day prior to departure ☎ Hot Line 02-730-1090 / +82-2-730-1090. 
• In case of Traffic Jam, your pick-up & drop-off service can be delayed. 
• We provide Pickup & Dropoff service for centrally located Seoul hotels only. If the customers' accommodation isn't in Seoul (for example, Incheon), customers are to pay for the extra charge based on the distance on the tour day.
• Range of Responsibility : Our company is not liable for accidents due to reckless 
• Travel insurance only applies to the vehicle traffic accidents. everything will be solved according to the insurance company's policy terms.

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Morning DMZ Tour

  • Morning DMZ Tour 1 Day  06:00 ~ 14:00 USD 60~

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