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Standard terms and conditions I Love Seoul Tour

Article 1 (Purpose)

These terms and conditions aim to specify the matters to be implemented and observed according to the tour contract concluded between I Love Seoul Tour Co.,Ltd (The "Company", “us”, “our” hereinafter.) and the tourist. These terms and conditions of domestic tour are an abstract of the Korean version. You can refer to the Korean version for details.

Article 2 (Responsibilities of the tour company)

1. Our travel advice for safe and satisfying services to travel agencies and guides, transportation, lodging, travel planning and execution of the plan to fulfill in the process should be given responsibilities.
2. Promise of providing travellers with safe and well-planned trip, and of travel-agent-to travel-party unity in order to ensure smooth implementation of the tour.

Article 3 (Definitions)

Travel with the kind of definition is as follows:
1. Hope Trip : Under the terms of the traveller wishing to travel conducted by the travel company.
2. General recruiting trip : Recruiting Travellers and conducting for trip According to the conditions established by our Company .
3. Consignment recruiting trip : We offer travel products created by other travelers and travel companies on recruitment conducted by the travel Consignment.

Article 4 (configuration of the contract)

① Travel contract is based on the travel Agreements (Attachment) and the Terms & Conditions • itinerary (or a travel guide)

Article 5 (special contract)

Our relationship with the Travellers is not in violation of laws and regulations to the extent you can enter into a special contract in writing. In this case, our standard terms and differences must be explained to the Travellers.

Article 6 (Refusal to sign the contract)

The tour company may refuse to sign the contract with the tourist in any of the following cases:
1. If it is recognized that the tourist may cause inconvenience to other tourists or disrupt smooth implementation of the tour.
2. If it is recognized that the tourist cannot make a trip due to a disease or other reasons.
3. If the number of tourists exceeds the maximum capacity of the tour specified in the contract.

Aricle 7 (Tour fee)

① The basic fee will cover the transportation for meeting and seeing off, the costs for guide, accommodation, meals, various taxes, admissions, and other expenses. However, the costs for optional tour will be charged according to the agreement between the concerned parties.
② The tourist shall pay the balance of the tour fee mentioned in item ① until the day before the departure date to the tour company in the method designated by the tour company (credit card, bank remittance, etc.).

Article 8 (Cancellation of contract before departure)

① The tour company or the tourist may cancel this tour contract before departure if there is an unavoidable reason. However, the damage caused to the other party shall be compensated.

Article 9 (Other matters)

① The matters not specified in this contract or the disputes about the interpretation of this contract will be decided through amicable consultation between the tour company and the tourist. The matters not resolved through amicable consultation will follow relevant laws and general custom.
② The terms and conditions for touring special regions may be decided differently if there are due reasons.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

1. Paypal or credit card payment is accepted.
2. Tour Prices are based on seasonal rate charged by service providers.
Request for tax invoices and/or payment made via credit card issued by Korean financial institutions shall incur 10% surtax.
3. All cancellation requests cannot be made on the tour day.
If you request to cancel your reservation eight days before the tour, there will be a 20% cancellation charge.
If you request to cancel your reservation on one day before the tour, there will be a 50% cancellation charge.
If you request to cancel your reservation between two and seven days before the tour, there will be a 30% cancellation charge.
4. All cancellation requests must be made by 6:30PM on the day immediately preceding your tour date(hereinafter”Cut Off Time”) for full refund of any monies paid in advance, If any. Cancellation requests made after the Cut Off Time shall be charged full tour price as cancellation penalty.
5. Partial payment option(Installment option)
All registered guests can pick either one-time full payment or partial payment plan.
For partial payment 20% is due at sign-up and remaining balance will be due two weeks prior to your trip.
6. Deposit you make with the partial payment option is non-refundable as we are holding your space in place of other potential guests. Your understanding on this matter will be greatly appreciated.
7. Guests failing to make full balance payments two weeks prior to their trip will be considered as cancellation. For guests with special circumstances, please contact I Love Seoul Tour Co.,Ltd


1) Company Name : I Love Seoul Tour Co.,Ltd
2) Address : 401Ho, 34, Sajik-ro 8-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

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